March, 2024

March in Maine is a combination of being cold, then warm - thinking you have plenty of time to get ready for summer - then panicking that it's around the corner and realizing that you have almost made it through another Maine winter as Mother Nature continues to tease.

I always feel so ahead of things in January. Our team gears up to get an early start on the season and have long, long, LONG lists of things to do. They all seem achievable as we go through January, get through February and then BAM! March 1st is here and we start to look at that long list with dread instead of anticipation.

There are so many huge things on this years lists including the beginning of Swan Agency Real Estates 50th birthday, the second annual winter opening of Cygnet Gallery, the usual and constant investing and divesting of real estate positions and perhaps most importantly this year the launch of our Swan Song Saltwater Farm in Sullivan, Maine. There will be lots more to come on this but Swan Song is a true passion project of a lifetime. That's the reason we named it as one would name the pinnacle of a lifetime or career. The last BIG THING! While I won't - OK can't ;) - say that it is the LAST big thing, it is the most exciting and fulfilling project I think we will ever take on.

Swan Song is a 53 acre oceanfront property in Sullivan which looks back at the mountains of Acadia over Flanders Bay which turns into Frenchman Bay. The bucolic estate has an historic component where the barn, boathouse, breakfast cottage and wing of the former main house existed as well as being the site of a 70s era archaeological dig that discovered numerous Native American artifacts. In fact, this section of the property is on the National Historic Register.

Our team all agree that there is a magic there, a feeling of peace and soothing energy that's hard to deny. We are proud and excited about what this beautiful space can become respecting at all times its storied past.

Much more to come on this and other 2024 plans. Stay tuned.