April, 2024

April is often rainy, or stormy, or chaotic in Maine - and that’s just the weather.  It’s also stormy and chaotic balancing all of the seasonal projects that have to get done.  Things like awnings on all of the buildings, is it too early? Is there more crazy wind coming? Things you don’t think about that you have to worry about.  You have to make lists, lots and lots of lists.  You have to share lists with the right people. Who is working on this project or that project or what people from different teams are collaborating on this one?  There is a LOT of collaboration in our team - maybe why collaboration is one of my favorite words.  As I write this post there are myriad projects underway that have seemingly hundreds of projects under them.  For example before the end of the month:


Opening Bayview Hotel for the season.

Adding a spa room with infrared sauna

Revamping the gift shop

Creating an oceanfront gym area

Welcoming a new General Manager

Launching a new F&B program


Celebrating Swan Agency’s 50th Year

Hosting a SWH office Business After Hours

Presenting a leadership donor check to a non-profit

Launching our Throwback program in our 50 year celebration

Assisting brokers with community outreach


Podcast Studio

FINALLY, premiering our Swan Agency podcast

Setting up interviews and guests


Swan Song Saltwater Farm

Finishing the redesign of Dear Prudence, the Farmhouse

Construction of septic systems, driveways and slabs for new cottages

Permits, permits, permits for everything from decks to pumpkin patches

Future bride and groom tours of the property for 2025 weddings


Pomegranate Inn in Portland

Work with movers to bring art and furniture to Swan Song

Attorney work to legally separate the inn and carriage house

Work with contractors for many of the needed repairs once emptied

Find space at the Farm for the art and antiques arriving in waves


Getting properties ready to sell

112 Main Street in Northeast Harbor

33 Seely Road in Bar Harbor

Pomegranate Carriage House in Portland


And of COURSE it wouldn’t be spring for us without opening ANOTHER business


Stay tuned for CO CO+FE (corner of cottage and federal streets)

A wellness studio for locals as well as the go-to for Bayview Guests

Room rentals for practitioners

Pilates, yoga, massage, sauna and whatever other spaces needed


I’m exhausted just making this short list and it doesn’t begin to cover it all.  I guess I better stop writing and blog posts and get to work.