June, 2024

June is that time of the year that you get to see if all your work over the winter and spring pays off - luckily most of the time it does.

It's also my birthday month which I love because I love being a Gemini but I don't love because I'm one of those people who see birthdays as time going by too fast and not better than the alternative.

Maybe I just love being able to blame things on being a Gemini. Multi-tasking to it's limits, thinking about a million things at once, changing my mind a million times, arguing with myself but in the end it usually works out. And when it doesn't I remind myself that 99% of the time it is a first world problem that really doesn't matter in the big scheme of things anyway. I move on very, very quickly - if something doesn't work I do have the great ability of being able to drop it and move on to something else. I'm sure some think sometimes - too quickly. Whether it's self preservation or some sort of attention disorder, I can put something in the rearview mirror pretty quickly.

I do think that is a skill that would be helpful for everyone to have in some capacity. Don't dwell on the negative or on the what could have been. I remember someone saying to me years ago if only over and over again and found myself drowning in that thought. If only keeps you in the past and what could have been but wasn't. That doesn't change by obsessing about it.

I have had several opportunities with investment and other opportunities through the years and when I find myself looking back, I only get frustrated. There are two properties, one in Kennebunkport and one on a lake closer to home that I have to actively tell myself not to think about and not to have regrets about. There was a reason they didn't come together and to stop blaming myself and regretting it.

You just have to believe that there is a reason for everything and that everything is meant to be. I guess I'm saying to myself and everyone, believe in fate.